Introducing work-based learning in higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova for better employability of graduates


Meeting with the representatives of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldovia

WBL4JOB programme coordination team had a Zoom meeting with the Nadejda Velisco, Head of High education Department of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldovia on April 27, 2021. Larisa Savga, Rector of TCUM and Nelli Amarfi, European project manager of USARB and Lilia Parhomenco, Senior Consoltant from MECR also took part in the meeting.

Mr. Navoyan spoke about the importance of Ministry engagement to the project and their ownership for the project. He mentioned that the project could be successful if both Ministries in Armenia and Moldova took leadership.

Nadejda Velisco spoke about the necessity of examination of the legal part of the project. Mr. Navoyan presented WBL definitions. He spoke about the current issue with nowadays internship in Armenia and Moldova and marked that the first task would be to improve this component. He said. “We need to create apprenticeship system. We understand that this project is not a magic to solve the problem of employability at least it will help and direct companies to Universities. We need to answer this question: What kind of incentives we are giving to companies. We need to encourage the companies to deal with the project”.  

Nadejda Velisco mentioned that all proposals were acceptable and considered WBL4JOB project very ambitious.